Rest or Work?

Some days I just wanna stay in a place and watch my life as it goes by like still-water observes the beauty around, just the same way
I want to appreciate the little things I miss in the daily haste

And while I stay there and discover how so many people do little things for me and I forget to thank them; and
I want to feel gratuitous

I wanna stop for a while and not do anything and see how far I have reached from where I started; and
I want to feel proud

I wanna stop thinking about tomorrow;
about my problems;
about my future;
I just want to think about the things I already have; and
I want to feel lucky

I don’t want to think about the time I have wasted till now; or
the places I have to reach; or
things I need to know; or
questions I need to answer; or
problems I need to solve
And it’s not necessary that I need to feel accomplished like I have reached my destination
because at times the view before reaching the destination is better than the destination itself
I just want to enjoy that

Because resting is important, doing nothing is important too
Like an electronic device charges faster when kept undisturbed while charging
I wanna fill/charge myself with all these beautiful energies.

Do you feel the same?
What’s stopping you then?
Remember you can only watch the reflection of the sunset in still-water
So at times being still and doing nothing is not bad/wrong

And then after resting
I want to start again

-“Rest If you must but don’t you quit”

John Greenleaf Whittier

It’s Just a phase, isn’t it?

There will always be a time when things aren’t right
People don’t count on you
They think your time is over
or Maybe it’s not your thing

Amidst all this,
People stop expecting from you
People also call it the doom

But It should rather be called the NO BURDEN PHASE
Because people have no expectations from you
there’s no performance pressure
You can silently work and be the underdog
while others try to get rid of the burden of expectations (that’s on them now).

It’s your time to work harder and laze around
Think more, brainstorm and prepare yourself
to give your best shot at your opportunity, conquer it
and come again under people’s expectations
yet again to become a part of their scrutiny list
to step in the burden phase again
So somebody else could get a chance to be in the NO BURDEN PHASE.

The expectations seem very attractive at the start when it gets you all the attention
But with time it gets heavier, so
Do not let people’s expectations stop you
They are like fake friends, they come and go with good times
Don’t let them bother you

-It’s just a phase cycle


A letter to all the people I love,
Me too

FOREVER as they call it, I am sorry I won’t be able to promise you this
because I know it is a lie, it has always been and like every other lie, we don’t want to accept it, because this fear is a truth.
I fear to lose you just as much as you fear to lose me
and even if we control all the other storms of circumstances, TIME is something we will have no control over
So what will we do then?

Does this mean we stop loving?
Stop caring?
Stop being attached?

Let us stop overthinking over this
Let us stop counting the number of days we have together
Let us stop promising forever and promise till the time we are together

I will love you,
be honest to you,
choose you over anyone else,
never leave your side,
Till the time we are together 
and that’s a promise 



We could be Heroes

Do we ever look at comedy movies and feel like being a part of it?
But we do wish to be a part of action and
drama movies because
we want to be a hero
we want to fight and conquer our problems
Life gives you problems to hero them



-You are the avenger of your life

Happy Lies

Maybe its all a lie
We do not have a right to be happy
Everything that happens does not happen for good
We are made to suffer
Promises are meant to be broken
Hard-work does not always get success
Not everyone is meant to be happy

It could be the truth

Maybe whatever we have been doing all these years is a sin
But can you really live a life without these lies? (If they are lies)
Don’t these so-called lies build hope, happiness and love
They feel right and do not cause harm to anyone
So what’s the problem in believing in them
Maybe we might end up getting a punishment by a force of nature for all these lies
but that’s not promised either
So what’s the harm in taking a chance?
We’ ll all be dead soon (and that is promised)
So let’s not think of these possibilities and live our life freely
And choose to be happy and do things that make us feel right


-Not all Lies cause harm!


Do the memories from the past hurt you?
Do you still break thinking about those bad memories?



There are some memories from the past we don’t want to think about at all because those events from the past are the ones we have locked in the heart and wanting to forget them.

Memories from the past are like pictures
Just like the pictures of thorns cannot hurt you
why let the pictures of past affect you?

you know what is even scarier?
The thought of forgetting a beautiful memory that you wish to cherish forever
You don’t wish to put them in words much either because you are scared
What if I am unable to do it?
What if I am forgetting some pieces of it?

That’s something about memories they keep fading and one day they are gone forever
Memories fade but the lessons are ones we need to remember forever!






Career Buffet!



(this is the time when nobody tells you what to buy and its the same for most of the people from your age group 
Doctor                                                               0.00
Astronaut                                                         0.00
Super Hero                                                      0.00
Pilot                                                                   0.00
Teacher                                                            0.00


[This is an age when your dreams are free but and, there is a lot of happiness and hope]                                                                 

Main Course 

(the time when others start telling you what to order because they have tried it all
more like impose it on you because their own experience is the only absolute truth they know)


     Doctor                                 Hardwork
◊   Engineer                                      ”       
     Chartered Accountant               “
     Lawyer                                         “
◊   Pilot                                               “
∇   Artist                                            “
♠ ∇ Chef                                            “
♠∇ Dancer                                         “
◊   IT Professional                            “
∇   Writer                                          “
      Teacher                                       “
♠  Beauty Services                           “
◊   Sportsman                                   “
(as its name suggests) 
◊   Auto Mobile Professional          “
∇   Painter                                          “
♠    Housewife                                   “
∇   Social Worker                             “
  (A tax which you pay on main course will include: breaking of hopes, losing faith, solace, passion, happiness and you get to take home regrets, burden, unhappiness and frustration)

[The Tax in main course is only to be paid by people buying it under other’s influence or pressure]



(It is when the decision is been made with or without influence with or without pressure.It is when you have become what you chose to)

These are customised by the customers according to their choice, tastes and preferences

NOTE:These dishes are made with the instructions of the customers
Therefore the chefs shall not be blamed if they do not taste good

* You are going to pay for the dish and not your family or anyone else so make a choice carefully  
* Dishes with this sign ∇ indicate they are spicy and might be too hot to handle for the customer and his family 
* We accept all modes of payment and all types of cuisines 
So the only people whose acceptance would bother you now is the people with you on the table and neighbouring tables
* Dishes with these signs ♠ they are usually served only to women and ◊ these to men   
* All the dishes on other’s tables will always look better but you might not find them that delicious when served to you        

To everyone who think it is the end I want you to know there ain’t an end until you are breathing so if this meal wasn’t good enough buy a new one. You can start from the starters again don’t bother yourself with what the other customers would say we do provide table for one or for many with same appetite and depending on the times you have visited 

-If careers were chosen in a restaurant like food


Relationship = Happy+Sad

Book: Him Writer: Pierre Alex Jeanty

Dear man,
I know it is tough really really tough to live with these burdens they have put on you and tried to fill your ears about me but I want you to know I am not at all like what they tell you I am and I don’t want you to be anything like they want you to be, because I want you to be you and this does not get us to a fairy tale ending where there will be all love and no fights, there will be love and fights but above all there will be trust and understanding and we won’t need to go to an island and live in a forest to experience this kind of love, because we will stay where we are now and in amidst of these concrete jungles we will build our own garden of love which will have flowers of friendships and thorns of reality, green grass of happiness and dried bush of sorrow, it will have people entering the garden who will make your life easier but there will also be people who will just try to litter.
But above all this me and you will together take care of it playing on our strengths and working on our weaknesses.
It will never be easy because there will be rains and winds that will make our times tough but there will always be the sunshine that will make it all right.

-A match made in heaven reality

Change is the only constant

Change seems easy?
Sometimes its not, actually it never is
Though it is inevitable, it still affects us because we like the stuff we use everyday, we are used to them, we don’t even remember if we like them anymore but you know you’d miss them because they are your daily routine, your comfort zone, leaving them is tough!
We build our comfort home in those things or places. It could be your favourite cafe, blanket, bench or anything.
But we always miss to add this one thing in our list which is the only constant, it has always been with us and it will always be with us It Is CHANGE
So let’s build our comfort home in these changing circumstances, and make them our favourite places!
And see how easy it will become for us to accept change and live with it.

So don’t crib over change, learn to move on

Remember the Old Days in your Beautiful memories forever but don’t let them stop you from making new ones.

This change will come with new opportunities and challenges face them and come out like a true champion

Think of it in this way
A child who hasn’t seen an Autumn would never know what colours look like!

This new year will get new colours and changes some of which you will love, some you might not like but they still are important, like that one colour you hate but still it is necessary to complete the palate and therefore all these changes and new colours will help you paint your Masterpiece

Cherish change
Happy New Year!!!


How do you feel when people disrespect your art, your creativity, your work?
Nasty? Rude?
you start hating them
why do you hate them?
because they didn’t respect the amount of hard work, creativity, effort you have put in your work,
because they fail to understand the concept and then blame you for that,
isn’t that annoying?
so think how nature feels when you criticise this world, other human beings
After all aren’t we all creations of nature

Therefore stop criticising other people, their works, their lives because it hurts
There could be times when you are at mistake or maybe you are the one not understanding

do not blame others for that!

You work really hard to grow everyday
to make a change
to become better
to survive in this world
Its not that easy So dont be hard on yourself

Start appreciating even a little change in yourself or a little hard work from others
because you never know what circumstances they were facing while taking that little, baby step

– Not everyone understands art