I have heard of a glue in the market that could stick anything 

I wondered if it was stickier than the:

hesitation that stuck my lips so that the questions never slipped from my tongue

pain that stuck my heart in its place so that it never pounded again over happiness

sweat that stuck my palm so that I never raised my hand in self defence

heaviness that stuck my feet to the ground so that I never took the next step for growth

fear that stuck my eyes to the ground so that I never raised them up in confidence

shame that stuck to my nose so that I never kept it in the air in pride 

memories that stuck to my mind so that I never moved on

guilt that stuck to my hair which I could never wash off and be light and clean again

Where are you stuck?


Dear Society?

Dear Society,
Thank You for teaching me how losing anything could be so beautiful….

1. Thank You for telling me how I could be more beautiful by LOSING WEIGHT
Because Barbies and Princess don’t come in XL size

2. Thank You for telling me how easily I could please everyone and be their favourite by LOSING MY STANDS AND OPINION
Because a woman with opinion (commonly known as “Bitches”) are nasty and contaminate the society

3. Thank You for telling me how beautiful my skin was but LOSING MY COLOUR or changing it could make people love me more
Because nobody would choose Jasmine over Snow White

4.Thank You for telling me how important it is for me to always be poise and polite because only after LOSING HOW I TRULY FEEL I could be everyone’s favorite
Because Blossom and Bubbles were everyone’s favourite not Buttercup

5. Thank You for telling me that even when the questions change, the answer has to be “YES” as LOSING YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE is a step of being “a woman”
Because Medusa was punished for skipping this step
99999… Thank You for telling me how LOSING MYSELF was a part of change which was constant in nature.





PC: Bhumika Sharma

Is this Love or Menstruation?

Dear Teenage Love,

      Thank you for making me think if menstruation was like love because it caused the same mood swings, cravings and pain like you did but unlike you it made me go through this only once a month, also it comes with an expiration date after which it stops making attempts to come back to me like you did. I shall get over the pain and anxiety caused by it like I did after you were gone.

    Thank you for making me understand real your meaning of love.