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A tree made of ME

As a child I saw a tree grow back in my yard It mesmerised me by its beauty It taught me how even the thickest branch needed the support of the thin roots to stay strong It taught me how being kind and giving need not come with expectations It taught me how it was…

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Karma is a mirror

Remember that time when things didn’t work out well? When your plans backfired and you cursed Karma and said “KARMA IS A BITCH!” How is Karma a bitch if it only gives us back what we do to others? Aren’t we bitches? When things go wrong don’t blame karma it just gave you the taste…

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Hello Beautiful!

If anyone asked me what is beauty before I’d definitely say fair skin lean body straight brown hair fluency in speaking But Little did i know that beauty was not defined by majority but by the eyes of the beholder Little did i know that your sculpted nose is a mark of pride and confidence…

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Should I fit in?

Dear you, There will be times when people will make you believe that fitting in is the only option, but you gotta remind yourself that it is NOT, it never was, fitting in is like a chewing gum which tastes sweet in the start and bland after a while. It will make you uncomfortable and…

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Dear Society?

Dear Society, Thank You for teaching me how losing anything could be so beautiful…. 1. Thank You for telling me how I could be more beautiful by LOSING WEIGHT Because Barbies and Princess don’t come in XL size 2. Thank You for telling me how easily I could please everyone and be their favourite by…

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Ain’t this too RISKY?

Dear you,                    Does taking this risk scare you? What about the one you take everyday? Remember that time when you were really exhausted, came back home all tired and fell asleep on the couch? Did that not involve risk of the building falling down? you never…

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