Beginning of a new End

We are mortals, we die, so do our stories
and the ones we loved. It is inevitable, but we still fall for the lie of forever or at least we make ourselves believe- ‘Yes, That day will come one day But it ain’t today!’
Are we really sure?

“Everything that has begun must end!”

It is easy to say that the end gets new beginnings.
But before that beginning you are supposed to witness a hollow space in the heart left by the end of something and to conquer that, that is what is the toughest task.
As these things are the kind which you never get enough of and you never wanna let them go?
So it is a crazy feeling, where you wanna yell, keep thinking about those things but at the same time not talk about it at all because¬†words aren’t enough and you also don’t wanna let the feeling slip out of your hand, so you try to capture it in camera or somewhere but you don’t wanna miss it in reality either.
Ain’t that frantic that even after being the smartest being and having the most evolved brains we fall for lie!

And I am not gonna say that you’ll find something better,
and this end will help you look at other things,
this too shall pass,
let us leave the pep talk for later
For now, let us enjoy the feeling of Longing
Longing for all that you will miss after today because its the end and it ain’t coming back
and try to replay all the memories as many times as possible in your head and keep discussing it with yourself
because we are not only mortals but also forgetful and soon as time will pass
this feeling, this freshness it will all pass and you never have the feeling of missing something, loving something,  longing for something again
Remember end comes only once
So enjoy this longing
cry, sob, laugh, replay, reminisce the memories
write, sketch, talk or do anything that you wish, to store it all
Because this feeling will go as soon as life pushes you on the treadmill of time and you forget it all and the only time you’ll talk about it again is on empty nights and even that nostalgia will not be equivalent to this feeling
Because like end this feeling of longing something you have just witnessed comes only once
This feeling where you are in a moment which is so beautiful that you want it to last forever comes only once

Embrace it

It is not a bad thing at all
It is a beautiful thing

-Maybe Ends are new beginning just Ends
and they are beautiful that way!





Do the memories from the past hurt you?
Do you still break thinking about those bad memories?



There are some memories from the past we don’t want to think about at all because those events from the past are the ones we have locked in the heart and wanting to forget them.

Memories from the past are like pictures
Just like the pictures of thorns cannot hurt you
why let the pictures of past affect you?

you know what is even scarier?
The thought of forgetting a beautiful memory that you wish to cherish forever
You don’t wish to put them in words much either because you are scared
What if I am unable to do it?
What if I am forgetting some pieces of it?

That’s something about memories they keep fading and one day they are gone forever
Memories fade but the lessons are ones we need to remember forever!