Isn’t it surprising?
A person who has spent all her life in silence

will go through it all
Oppressive behavior,
Physical and mental pain
Yet not say a word
Not even mumble a thing
The same person would
fight battles,
Raise their voice and
for the slightest discomfort caused to her loved ones
Where does this strength come from?
How does a person who hasn’t spoken a word for years
sing a battle cry?
Is it the fear of seeing your loved one suffer?
How surprising is it to see love strengthen somebody
To give birth to their inside warrior
The one who didn’t speak for years for herself
Yes, that sleeping warrior
What is it Mariam Jo that makes somebody so fearless?
Is it really possible to love someone like you did?

– Some legacies are better not inherited!

Marital Rape

I was touched and knocked on the floor
There is no place where i could go for justice
Because there is no door
I have suffered the same pain as other rape victims
But my wedding, is the problem
The only thing I can get in the name of justice is Divorce
because they think it’s the remedy of the pain
The justice I deserve
I still ask myself where was I mistaken and where did I go wrong
The only people I thought who would understand were other women
but its something they have been through too
You know what is weird? These men have made them believe that its not a crime
Its a husband’s right
From the day of marriage everything a women posses becomes the husband’s property: Her body, her dreams, her aspirations, her choices……. this list is never ending
They have made them believe this too
I pity them because unlike me they don’t realise that they have been wronged
they endure this thinking that its okay, “because marriage requires compromises” Is what they have been taught
A right that these men get over our bodies right from the day of our marriage
Because to them marriage is a contract for irrevocable sex
And consent?
What’s that? It’s just something you have in fairytales
(Sadly we didn’t get it there either)

They say its not rape,
because once you’re married there’s no reason to say NO
They also say it cannot be criminalised
as it would be tough to establish the existence of consent.
Ever thought who they are?
They are just some men who are lead by patriarchy
who fail to understand the difference between women and objects.
Do not judge their qualifications, they include the illiterate ones and the highly qualified ones too because while procuring the knowledge over the most complex issues, they failed to learn the basic concept of equality and respect.
They say a wife will be safe because her safety is of primary importance to her husband, isn’t this what all the religions include in their wedding vows,
but who will save them if the saviour itself is the monster?

Dear Kings of Patriarchal Castles,
The next time you look at your wife make sure you remember this!

  1. Marriage is an institution not an arrangement
  2. Marriage is not a permit for you to sexually abuse her
  3. Marriage is not a contract and she is not a consideration
    Marriage is everything you both mutually decide it to be and not your arbitrary decisions

Marriage is an institution based on the pillar of love, understanding and trust but the foundation, it is the promise to stay together and support each other in every odd, every problem and adversity everyday for the rest of the life.
It means to protect each other and not hurt each other!
It means to adjust at times for other person’s happiness but that does mean to sacrifice your dignity and personal autonomy!

-Marital Rape Right!

Measuring love on the scale of Hatred

It is alright to have beliefs different from that of others, it is normal to like or love certain things but haven’t we chosen the path of hatred to show our love?
Haven’t we chosen the path of offending and disrespecting other people’s choices to show our love to what we love?

Women trying to show their support for the feminist movement and making the trolling of men a part of the movement
Millennials mocking the old school approach to supporting their trends
People supporting one religion by offending other religions to show their loyalty towards theirs
People becoming chauvinist for showing patriotism

and a lot more


Loving something does not put you on a war with all the other things in the world
You could love yourself without hating others
This isn’t a war against anyone
this is about preferences and choices, you could enjoy your freedom without stopping others enjoying theirs

you could support women and feminism without making it against the men
where you could choose white without belittling the tan and dark skin
where you could love the contemporaries without hating the classics
where you could love trendy clothes without mocking people who are comfortable with their not so trendy clothes
you can live in peace without disturbing other’s peace
where you could support one person’s ideologies without criticising the rest
where you could love yourself without hating others

Also,  not everyone is like that!

some people like what they like and do not hate other things
There are women supporting feminism and they don’t hate all men
There are people who prefer classics but do not detest the contemporaries
There are people who like football and do not hate cricket
and this is as simple as that

Don’t complicate it

and unless somebody tells you about their hatred do not assume they hate all the other things


-I love tea and coffee!
I love Captain America and Iron man!

Love or Magic?

“Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an art. And like any art, it takes not only inspiration but also a lot of work”
-Paulo Coelho 

Nobody said that loving was easy, but do we have a choice?
At times we can’t stop ourselves from falling for people, and once we have fallen for them, the ride isn’t easy, love just happens but to keep it alive it requires work and efforts from both sides, it requires trust, compassion, understanding from both sides.
Don’t let your pride become conceit, just the way there exists a need for you to protect self-love from toxic relationships, there is also a need to protect your love from vanity. There is always a line and anything beyond it is detrimental!
Love is no different, even when it is for oneself!

But what happens when even when you are trying really hard and still things go wrong sometimes, once in a while?
Try reminding yourself of all the good that other person has done for you and don’t let the ephemeral anger destroy things forever!
Don’t say things you don’t mean and would regret later!

“In Love, nothing is destroyed forever”
-Paulo Coelho

Relationships are like a tapestry made with threads of love and care, they tangle but get untangled too!

No matter how much you fight you will always end up forgiving the one you love because you know what they mean to you and how dreadful your life will be without them.
You fight, you make it up and repeat; it’s a never-ending cycle.
But don’t let anyone use this as a tool to exploit you!
Because as I said there is always a line; a line!
Don’t let this make you believe that toxic relationships are normal
Don’t let this make you drag the wagon of relationship alone.
Don’t let the love songs deceive you in mistaking masochism for love

“Those who cannot accept this, and who always try to find an explanation for magical and mysterious human relationships, will miss the best part of life”
-Paulo Coelho

Isn’t it weird how once a person who you have known just for months becomes dearer than the ones you have known all your life?
Isn’t it weird that at times the difference between relationships based on blood and the others have no variance?
Isn’t it weird how a person finds a family in the acquaintances one calls “friends”?
Isn’t it weird how even a new city full of strangers does not seem strange anymore because of some strangers?
Isn’t it weird how loving could make you so beautiful with the glow it adds to your face and behaviour?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone could make you trust yourself even more?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone could make you a better person?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone can change your relations with many in a good way?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone can make you accept your mistakes more against the one you love?

It is not weird, it’s love!
And love is what it is; unconditional
if it wasn’t like that
A child wouldn’t show such reverence for someone he calls parents
A man wouldn’t go to the ends for someone he calls his wife
A woman wouldn’t consider leaving everything for someone she calls her husband
A person wouldn’t fight the world for someone he calls a friend

Isn’t love a realisation of the good things in life?



-Love is in the air
And just like air it has oxygen and pollution!




Circle of love

I remember the time my Nani used to tie my hair while getting me ready for school and I used to tell her stories of my class
and today as I comb her hair because her feeble hands cant anymore and now she tells me her stories


Poem by: Rupi Kaur


Beginning of a new End

We are mortals, we die, so do our stories
and the ones we loved. It is inevitable, but we still fall for the lie of forever or at least we make ourselves believe- ‘Yes, That day will come one day But it ain’t today!’
Are we really sure?

“Everything that has begun must end!”

It is easy to say that the end gets new beginnings.
But before that beginning you are supposed to witness a hollow space in the heart left by the end of something and to conquer that, that is what is the toughest task.
As these things are the kind which you never get enough of and you never wanna let them go?
So it is a crazy feeling, where you wanna yell, keep thinking about those things but at the same time not talk about it at all because words aren’t enough and you also don’t wanna let the feeling slip out of your hand, so you try to capture it in camera or somewhere but you don’t wanna miss it in reality either.
Ain’t that frantic that even after being the smartest being and having the most evolved brains we fall for lie!

And I am not gonna say that you’ll find something better,
and this end will help you look at other things,
this too shall pass,
let us leave the pep talk for later
For now, let us enjoy the feeling of Longing
Longing for all that you will miss after today because its the end and it ain’t coming back
and try to replay all the memories as many times as possible in your head and keep discussing it with yourself
because we are not only mortals but also forgetful and soon as time will pass
this feeling, this freshness it will all pass and you never have the feeling of missing something, loving something,  longing for something again
Remember end comes only once
So enjoy this longing
cry, sob, laugh, replay, reminisce the memories
write, sketch, talk or do anything that you wish, to store it all
Because this feeling will go as soon as life pushes you on the treadmill of time and you forget it all and the only time you’ll talk about it again is on empty nights and even that nostalgia will not be equivalent to this feeling
Because like end this feeling of longing something you have just witnessed comes only once
This feeling where you are in a moment which is so beautiful that you want it to last forever comes only once

Embrace it

It is not a bad thing at all
It is a beautiful thing

-Maybe Ends are new beginning just Ends
and they are beautiful that way!






IMG-20190505-WA0028.jpgA boat is meant to sail
anchors don’t keep her happy,
they do keep her safe, but then
there is always a time when they need to let go of her
it hurts, but you know what it is like watching someone you love happy?
That right there is happiness
and you know what happens if the anchors are never let gone
and she never sails?
she will rust in a corner and that my friend is not the meaning of keeping her safe!
Maybe you think she is not ready but is it really her not ready for a sail
or is it you not ready to let her go?
She has sailed this far and found her way to you, she will find her way again
You just need to let go of her
Because the truth is she must sail (with or without your consent!)

Life gives us the chances,
you will find new boats ,
and when they come to you, embrace them
but don’t compare them to her
because they are not her,
they don’t need to be her

She can always be your favourite
but accept other boats as well
because you never know what time has for you
and you never know, if she might come to you again
and this extra moment which you might get without any expectations of having it,
will be special, you will want it!
But you see you will not need it!

So let the boat sail
and find its way through the waves
It will make its destiny like every other boat out there
and that journey what she makes in the waves of freedom
will always remind her of your love and care

-Only know you love her when you let her go!

Relationship = Happy+Sad

Book: Him Writer: Pierre Alex Jeanty

Dear man,
I know it is tough really really tough to live with these burdens they have put on you and tried to fill your ears about me but I want you to know I am not at all like what they tell you I am and I don’t want you to be anything like they want you to be, because I want you to be you and this does not get us to a fairy tale ending where there will be all love and no fights, there will be love and fights but above all there will be trust and understanding and we won’t need to go to an island and live in a forest to experience this kind of love, because we will stay where we are now and in amidst of these concrete jungles we will build our own garden of love which will have flowers of friendships and thorns of reality, green grass of happiness and dried bush of sorrow, it will have people entering the garden who will make your life easier but there will also be people who will just try to litter.
But above all this me and you will together take care of it playing on our strengths and working on our weaknesses.
It will never be easy because there will be rains and winds that will make our times tough but there will always be the sunshine that will make it all right.

-A match made in heaven reality

What’s your name? “Happinessbuffet” he replied

happiness buffet:
“a meal consisting of a buffet of happiness where guests serve themselves with different forms of happiness and as other buffets nourish your body, this nourishes your soul and mind.”

can be severed on a daily basis for healing, celebration, etc

table manners include:

1. Prayer to be recited everyday
“My happiness depends on me not on others
If I choose to keep myself happy nothing can change that

2. Remember Don’t let anybody else’s plate change your choice
(don’t get influenced, your preference and taste is different)

3. It is your plate/bowl!
( Don’t let anyone else decide what and how much to consume)

4. Always tip the person who serves you happiness
(Gratitude and generosity are the best way to pay off)

Hello Beautiful!

If anyone asked me what is beauty before I’d definitely say
fair skin
lean body
straight brown hair
fluency in speaking
Little did i know that beauty was not defined by majority but by the eyes of the beholder
Little did i know that your sculpted nose is a mark of pride and confidence you hold in yourself
Little did I know that the colour of your skin shows your compassion and a promise to hold my secrets and absorb all negativity
Little did I know that your silky but wavy hair depict the strength you have to hold the worlds together
Little did I know that your eyes trickle wisdom
Little did I know that your lips keep repeating the promise of making this world a better place

-Dear Girlfriend

– Every woman is an epitome of Beauty