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Dear Housewife

To the dear lady who is always portrayed to be the one sitting in front of a TV set and being jobless I am sorry, that people don’t respect what you do that your kids ask you the question of what have you done? That you aren’t their hero and they constantly compare you to their…

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Video Games

Played a video game before? Former levels being Easy to engage you and the latter ones being tough, but you are still stuck to it because we love challenges So is life it will get burdensome but you will clear these levels maybe not right now, after the break but that’s happening for sure So…

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We could be Heros

Do we ever look at comedy movies and feel like being a part of it? No But we do wish to be a part of action and drama movies because we want to be a hero we want to fight and conquer our problems Life gives you problems to hero them HERO IT   -You…

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How easily have we ignored our today to make our tomorrow special and rewarding, when we know that today is what builds our tomorrow and the day after today the mistakes you make, the opportunities you grab are the one’s which will make or break you! How easily have we tricked ourselves to believe that…

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Career Buffet!

MenuStarter(this is the time when nobody tells you what to buy and its the same for most of the people from your age group                                                                …

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Change is the only constant

Change seems easy? Sometimes its not, actually it never is Though it is inevitable, it still affects us because we like the stuff we use everyday, we are used to them, we don’t even remember if we like them anymore but you know you’d miss them because they are your daily routine, your comfort zone,…

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