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Anger or PMS?

Hey girl why so angry? are you menstruating? Dear world,I am a women and I get angry because like you I have the right to!1.I am angry because I am a victim of public scrutiny2. I am angry because my pay is not based on my working abilities but my gender3. I am angry because…

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Bad Liar/Reputation?​

She is real rude She is humorous humiliating She is unique fake She is loved spoilt She is a self loving self- centered person She smokes, drinks and parties like you and others is a slut and a brat She is hard working lucky She does not justify when we confront her, because she knows…

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Dear men who find it girly and women who find it attention seeking, A feminist is “a person who believes in the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes (Yes it’s FEMINISM), and tries to achieve equal opportunities and treatment for women”. It is not something that is referred…

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Who are you?

I was always told to check in the dictionary for meaning of words I never understood and therefore I did when I wanted to check what exactly a woman means; “an adult human female” so why do people always keep saying that a woman is a person who makes sacrifices, who is simple, who is…

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Hello Beautiful!

If anyone asked me what is beauty before I’d definitely say fair skin lean body straight brown hair fluency in speaking But Little did i know that beauty was not defined by majority but by the eyes of the beholder Little did i know that your sculpted nose is a mark of pride and confidence…

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Dear Society?

Dear Society, Thank You for teaching me how losing anything could be so beautiful…. 1. Thank You for telling me how I could be more beautiful by LOSING WEIGHT Because Barbies and Princess don’t come in XL size 2. Thank You for telling me how easily I could please everyone and be their favourite by…

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