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Dear society, A man is “a male human being ” so what makes you feel that a man is the one who is strong, does not feel pain, needs to be macho, who leads, a person who fights for women, opens the door, slides a chair, earns more, needs to be aggressive, does not wear…

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How many times have you tried to tell someone something they asked you to talk about and when you did, all you got is secret ignorance or emptiness around you? and when you get angry they asked you to take deep breaths BUT How could we not know that breathing could mean more than the…

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Dear men who find it girly and women who find it attention seeking, A feminist is “a person who believes in the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes (Yes it’s FEMINISM), and tries to achieve equal opportunities and treatment for women”. It is not something that is referred…

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Who are you?

I was always told to check in the dictionary for meaning of words I never understood and therefore I did when I wanted to check what exactly a woman means; “an adult human female” so why do people always keep saying that a woman is a person who makes sacrifices, who is simple, who is…

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