Isn’t it surprising?
A person who has spent all her life in silence

will go through it all
Oppressive behavior,
Physical and mental pain
Yet not say a word
Not even mumble a thing
The same person would
fight battles,
Raise their voice and
for the slightest discomfort caused to her loved ones
Where does this strength come from?
How does a person who hasn’t spoken a word for years
sing a battle cry?
Is it the fear of seeing your loved one suffer?
How surprising is it to see love strengthen somebody
To give birth to their inside warrior
The one who didn’t speak for years for herself
Yes, that sleeping warrior
What is it Mariam Jo that makes somebody so fearless?
Is it really possible to love someone like you did?

– Some legacies are better not inherited!

Change is the only constant

Change seems easy?
Sometimes its not, actually it never is
Though it is inevitable, it still affects us because we like the stuff we use everyday, we are used to them, we don’t even remember if we like them anymore but you know you’d miss them because they are your daily routine, your comfort zone, leaving them is tough!
We build our comfort home in those things or places. It could be your favourite cafe, blanket, bench or anything.
But we always miss to add this one thing in our list which is the only constant, it has always been with us and it will always be with us It Is CHANGE
So let’s build our comfort home in these changing circumstances, and make them our favourite places!
And see how easy it will become for us to accept change and live with it.

So don’t crib over change, learn to move on

Remember the Old Days in your Beautiful memories forever but don’t let them stop you from making new ones.

This change will come with new opportunities and challenges face them and come out like a true champion

Think of it in this way
A child who hasn’t seen an Autumn would never know what colours look like!

This new year will get new colours and changes some of which you will love, some you might not like but they still are important, like that one colour you hate but still it is necessary to complete the palate and therefore all these changes and new colours will help you paint your Masterpiece

Cherish change
Happy New Year!!!