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How do you feel when people disrespect your art, your creativity, your work? Nasty? Rude? you start hating them why do you hate them? because they didn’t respect the amount of hard work, creativity, effort you have put in your work, because they fail to understand the concept and then blame you for that, isn’t…

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Dear Society?

Dear Society, Thank You for teaching me how losing anything could be so beautiful…. 1. Thank You for telling me how I could be more beautiful by LOSING WEIGHT Because Barbies and Princess don’t come in XL size 2. Thank You for telling me how easily I could please everyone and be their favourite by…

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Ain’t this too RISKY?

Dear you,                    Does taking this risk scare you? What about the one you take everyday? Remember that time when you were really exhausted, came back home all tired and fell asleep on the couch? Did that not involve risk of the building falling down? you never…

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