Nothing for free is much valued, not even advice

I get how much you want to help them, teach them, stop them from falling in the pit they are putting themselves in because you think they are inviting trouble or you can foresee where this will lead
But can you really save someone who does not want to be saved?
Someone who wants to really take a shot and risk it all?
Someone who is the master of his/ her life
No matter how much you want to save them you can’t
So rather stand by their side in the decisions they take even if you disagree with them
because they are always 2 possibilities even if one is just 0.000001 probable
1. the risk paying off
2. the person failing
So just stay there, they will learn with time, just the way you did but that day isn’t today so they wouldn’t understand you
Apart from this, you could be wrong too so maybe it’s better to let everyone explore and find their own lessons.

“Time teaches you what you refuse to learn from your well-wishers”
-Chitra Divakaruni

Career Buffet!



(this is the time when nobody tells you what to buy and its the same for most of the people from your age group 
Doctor                                                               0.00
Astronaut                                                         0.00
Super Hero                                                      0.00
Pilot                                                                   0.00
Teacher                                                            0.00


[This is an age when your dreams are free but and, there is a lot of happiness and hope]                                                                 

Main Course 

(the time when others start telling you what to order because they have tried it all
more like impose it on you because their own experience is the only absolute truth they know)


     Doctor                                 Hardwork
◊   Engineer                                      ”       
     Chartered Accountant               “
     Lawyer                                         “
◊   Pilot                                               “
∇   Artist                                            “
♠ ∇ Chef                                            “
♠∇ Dancer                                         “
◊   IT Professional                            “
∇   Writer                                          “
      Teacher                                       “
♠  Beauty Services                           “
◊   Sportsman                                   “
(as its name suggests) 
◊   Auto Mobile Professional          “
∇   Painter                                          “
♠    Housewife                                   “
∇   Social Worker                             “
  (A tax which you pay on main course will include: breaking of hopes, losing faith, solace, passion, happiness and you get to take home regrets, burden, unhappiness and frustration)

[The Tax in main course is only to be paid by people buying it under other’s influence or pressure]



(It is when the decision is been made with or without influence with or without pressure.It is when you have become what you chose to)

These are customised by the customers according to their choice, tastes and preferences

NOTE:These dishes are made with the instructions of the customers
Therefore the chefs shall not be blamed if they do not taste good

* You are going to pay for the dish and not your family or anyone else so make a choice carefully  
* Dishes with this sign ∇ indicate they are spicy and might be too hot to handle for the customer and his family 
* We accept all modes of payment and all types of cuisines 
So the only people whose acceptance would bother you now is the people with you on the table and neighbouring tables
* Dishes with these signs ♠ they are usually served only to women and ◊ these to men   
* All the dishes on other’s tables will always look better but you might not find them that delicious when served to you        

To everyone who think it is the end I want you to know there ain’t an end until you are breathing so if this meal wasn’t good enough buy a new one. You can start from the starters again don’t bother yourself with what the other customers would say we do provide table for one or for many with same appetite and depending on the times you have visited 

-If careers were chosen in a restaurant like food


Relationship = Happy+Sad

Book: Him Writer: Pierre Alex Jeanty

Dear man,
I know it is tough really really tough to live with these burdens they have put on you and tried to fill your ears about me but I want you to know I am not at all like what they tell you I am and I don’t want you to be anything like they want you to be, because I want you to be you and this does not get us to a fairy tale ending where there will be all love and no fights, there will be love and fights but above all there will be trust and understanding and we won’t need to go to an island and live in a forest to experience this kind of love, because we will stay where we are now and in amidst of these concrete jungles we will build our own garden of love which will have flowers of friendships and thorns of reality, green grass of happiness and dried bush of sorrow, it will have people entering the garden who will make your life easier but there will also be people who will just try to litter.
But above all this me and you will together take care of it playing on our strengths and working on our weaknesses.
It will never be easy because there will be rains and winds that will make our times tough but there will always be the sunshine that will make it all right.

-A match made in heaven reality

Because Jealousy is Inspiration’s evil twin sister.

Her accomplishments are not your failures (Rupi Kaur)

Dear you,
Is she doing beautifully in her life?
What am I lacking?
Is this because she has a powerful name?
My accomplishments are nothing compared to hers?
Don’t bother yourself of what other people are doing, they might be doing the best work, maybe better than you but this does not make your work any less good. Don’t think that this is a race against them and they winning means that you are losing.
The concept of limited seats and places exists in universities not life, everyone has one place for them which is what they are born for and nobody can take that away from you. But to get at that place you deserve and desire, you gotta work hard, take their accomplishments as an inspiration and make a good use of it in your life.
There is no concept of ONE BEST, if you think he is Iron MAN you always have a scope of becoming Captain America
Can anyone tell you who is better than the other?

Beat the old you, learn and grow everyday
Because at the end this race is just against the old you and not them!

Don’t waste your time on Jealousy
Sometimes you’re ahead 
Sometimes you’ re behind 
The race is long 
And in the end, 
it’s only with yourself
-Baz Luhrmann


Ain’t this too RISKY?

Dear you,
                   Does taking this risk scare you? What about the one you take everyday? Remember that time when you were really exhausted, came back home all tired and fell asleep on the couch? Did that not involve risk of the building falling down? you never know, but does that make you live on ground forever? Everything you do involves risk just the amount of it changes. When that was worth taking why is this not?
TAKE THE RISK, embrace it and wear it like you wear your favourite perfume and even if you fail, still love it because you loved it for once.

-An advice from a father to a daughter