And your VISA is rejected !

Heard of many fears while growing up
but never thought I’ll have to be afraid of myself
Who I am
What I think
What I wanna be

Who I wanna be with

Because I know they won’t like me this way

And somewhere THEIR acceptance and approval is so important to us

THEIR acceptance is my visa for a happy life
and my soul is the passport where they keep imprinting my mistakes

Because if they won’t accept me…………
What if they won’t accept you?
You could do all that they please being paranoid by the fact that “what if they don’t like me!”,
but ever wondered
We are here for a very little time and tomorrow isn’t promised
We’ll soon be gone
and you can’t take these mistakes, embarrassments, with you
so let us fight our fear

this fear of not being accepted

And if you think you will look stupid and they would laugh
be happy about being somebody’s reason to laugh (life is about perspective)

Maybe you could laugh at yourself too

Mistakes that we make aren’t just lessons
They are the jokes (tragic ones though) still JOKES

You could either laugh on them with everyone else


Just crib over every other thing

You could cry and do every other thing they want and expect you to do and
make your life miserable


Just do what you want to do and don’tĀ give a damn about “their” opinions

Because the importance of their opinions in your life is just as much as the importance of the GOOD MORNING forwards on family WhatsApp groups to you!!

So live free and let others think whatever they wish to

-Reject this visa
and make a new passport