Happy Halloween



As I walk pass the streets, I see people making preparations, buying new decorations,  deciding the dresses, planning parties, buying candies and preparing for Halloween. As we celebrate Halloween, “dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed” I see them dressing their kids for a fancy dress as witches, ghosts, souls of dead and other supernatural beings which made me wonderrrrr………………
When we are so open about these supernatural beings what stops us from talking about our inner demons like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, eating disorder, jealousy, etc?

Why can’t we celebrate the inner demons just as gracefully and not call them a taboo? Why cant we give them equal importance?
Why can’t we accept them and call them real?
Why can’t we offer help to the ones suffering from these demons like we offer treats?

you scare me more than what Annabelle ever did,
you make me cry more than what The Nun ever did,
you are a bigger curse than that of Chucky’s,
And like every horror movie only one person can see you (me)
When I try telling others about you they do not believe you exist
and tell me its all in my head,
I know they will believe me only when it’s too late
when they see you
Now I have seen enough horror stories to find a way to fight you,
but none of those creatures are like you
because they attack only when they re alone or at night,
But this does don’t break me
Because I am the protagonist of my story and
I know soon I will fight them all

The ghost in my head: Depression




A comment is defined as “a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction

A word that sounds so simple but is powerful enough to leave scars forever on somebody’s mind, if made in a harsh way it could make people lose their lives, it can result into eve teasing, catcalling and what not
the same comment when used in a positive manner could give someone a reason to live, could make somebody’s day, could make someone stay longer, could make relations better, could stop wars, could help someone heal, could make someone feel complete.
There are times when while choosing words for these comments we make a mistake and it affects the person negatively.
I wish we were as picky at choosing words as we are at choosing filters.

-Not every “haha” is happy

If they said what they meant

I should have known when you told me
to open up and trust you,
tell you what i feel,
tell you what it is,
that opening up to you would just create more spaces between us,
because when you say you want me to speak up you have already made your mind about what you want to hear
and begging to Differ or being real is not what you ever wanted

-If only they said what they meant


Price Tag


There’s a reason why human beings don’t come with price tags, not everyone deserves to know your worth and the ones who do already know it, they cherish and appreciate it.
So don’t waste your time in proving your worth to anyone, just go ahead and smile because you know they are at loss, not you.



How many times have you tried to tell someone something they asked you to talk about and when you did, all you got is secret ignorance or emptiness around you?
and when you get angry they asked you to take deep breaths


How could we not know that breathing could mean more than the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs.

It could mean how gracefully you inhale or take in poeples’ opinions and how well do you exhale or let out your reactions to it.
It is when someone comes to you and tells you something you don’t wanna hear or talk about but you still listen and show utmost compassion towards them and then exhale a graceful and compassionate answer
something more welcoming because at the end its you who invited them.



On the dinner table
I saw everyone ordering different cuisines for themselves
which made me wonder
what if the world accepted our other choices like of loving someone of our own gender, someone with an age gap,
someone of another religion,
someone completely different from us
just as easily they accepted our food choices
but little did I know about the hobby they had
of opposing other’s choices
Which made me think Ain’t this weird that we need to fight for peoples’ acceptance for things they have nothing to do with?
Ain’t this weird that we need peoples’ acceptance for expressing love to someone?
Ain’t this weird that we need peoples’ acceptance for who our partner should be?

What I do not understand is how can people be angry on me for a decision I made for myself? How can they even after seeing who I am ignore that part of me? How my act of love can make them hate me when it has got nothing to do with their lives? How they do not mind if I beg to differ on a table but when it is about my life partner they get affected?

Because of which
When i told them i couldn’t breathe and it was suffocating they told me that i was wrong because suffocation was the state or process of dying from being deprived of air or unable to breathe.

But I couldn’t stop thinking as to What about dying inside from not being able to share what u feel?
What about being breathless in a place full of air?
Because you know you will never be accepted,
Because you know after this you will never be loved as before,
Because you know how much ever you try to explain they will always find a reason to hate you.

–  Is that not suffocating?



Dear men who find it girly and women who find it attention seeking,

A feminist is “a person who believes in the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes (Yes it’s FEMINISM), and tries to achieve equal opportunities and treatment for women”. It is not something that is referred only for women or something only women can become, it is an epicene or unisex concept just like your H&M hoodies, it will suit you too, at least try it once before you judge it for being too girly. It is something we need to work together for.
It is not for him or her it is for us.
This will help us achieve better definitions and something more than girly or manly,

When we will be classified only in two parts humane or inhumane,
Where there will be no pressure to act in a particular manner to be a part of gender race,
Where women and strength, and men and emotions won’t be ironical,

Where my hard work would determine my pay and not my gender,
Where my dominating nature would be determined by my genes and not my gender,
Where my body won’t signify softness, cowardice and naive,
Where women will have equal rights and opportunities as men
Where men will get equal credit and empathy as women,

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.



Who are you?

Three girls by Amrita Sher-Gill

I was always told to check in the dictionary for meaning of words I never understood and therefore I did when I wanted to check what exactly a woman means;

“an adult human female” so why do people always keep saying that a woman is a person who makes sacrifices, who is simple, who is decent, who has no right to speak up or object, who is gullible, who needs to be protected, who is as resilient as water, who is not supposed to take decisions……….
to which I wonder is my dictionary wrong or am I on the wrong page?

To everyone who categorised us.


You classified and segregated us in types like:

1 the obedient ones:
who no matter what, would never raise her voice against you, the gullible ones

2 the pampered ones:
the ones who expect the same kind of love from her in-laws like her parents

3 the spoilt ones:
the ones who love the self love stories, who love their mind, body, opinion before anyone else’s

4 the slutty ones
the ones who think they have the same freedom as boys do, the ones who are not stopped by night for anything they wanna do

5 the kind ones:
the ones who you can easily be convinced or forced to sacrifice anything even if it is their dream

6 the bizarre ones:
the ones who think age is just a number and who think aging is a concept just for the body not their heart or mind (I LOVE THEM THE MOST – THE TIMELESS BEAUTIES)

7 the pretty ones:
the fair, thin, classy, wears pink and does not apply make up, does not wear glasses ones

8 the intelligent ones:
the ones who can handle all the house work and still perform well in academics and excel at their hobbies too (WHO CARES)

9 the beauty with brains:

10 fake ones:
the ones who apply a lot of make up, the ones who think getting ready without occasions and being over dressed is just okay and a matter of their choice
but little did you know we weren’t old house scrap to be kept in boxes and wrapped .We were all books, while some had musical love stories in them, other had hardcore murder mysteries and you will never know when the OBEDIENT ONES would be done with the silent planning and start executing everything they planned these years, the PAMPERED ONES would accept the difference between parents and in-laws which you showed her and now she does not crave pampering from others, the SPOILT ONES would fall in love again with their own self and this time it will be stronger and forever, SLUTTY ONES would list down all weakness of these patriarchs while she hangouts with them, KIND ONES would again sacrifice but this time it will be with their consent and for them for the first time, BIZARRE ONES would use all their experience they got while aging, the PRETTY ONES whom you made to wear pink in order to be a girl would change their colour to red just like blood, INTELLIGENT ONES would collect all the tools like protractors and knives which she used while excelling at studies and housework and find another hobby this time which they won’t give up for you, BEAUTY WITH BRAIN ONES will show you they come for real and the FAKE ONES would start applying make up but this time not for a class or party but your funeral and then finally they come together to return you all the hatred coated in love which you gave her when she didn’t say a word.


–  Even in my most silent days I am a disaster about to occur

What’s your name? “Happinessbuffet” he replied

happiness buffet:
“a meal consisting of a buffet of happiness where guests serve themselves with different forms of happiness and as other buffets nourish your body, this nourishes your soul and mind.”

can be severed on a daily basis for healing, celebration, etc

table manners include:

1. Prayer to be recited everyday
“My happiness depends on me not on others
If I choose to keep myself happy nothing can change that

2. Remember Don’t let anybody else’s plate change your choice
(don’t get influenced, your preference and taste is different)

3. It is your plate/bowl!
( Don’t let anyone else decide what and how much to consume)

4. Always tip the person who serves you happiness
(Gratitude and generosity are the best way to pay off)