Anger or PMS?

Hey girl why so angry? are you menstruating?

Dear world,
I am a women and I get angry because like you I have the right to!
1.I am angry because I am a victim of public scrutiny
2. I am angry because my pay is not based on my working abilities but my gender
3. I am angry because I am tired of living upto everybody’s expectations
4. I am angry because I am forced to make sacrifices and make them look like I was made for them
5. I am angry because people judge me more for what I wear than what I am
6. I am angry because I am tired of customising myself according to the needs of people
7. I am angry because I am blamed for everything that goes wrong in the society
8. I am angry because people cant differentiate between me and any other object
9. I am angry because even before I am born people think that I am going to be a hapless and killed in the womb
10. I am angry because I am not allowed to answer questions that are reffered to me
999 I am angry because people mistake my anger a human emotion for PMS (Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period)

– Dont mistake my anger for PMS

Bad Liar/Reputation?​

She is real rude
She is humorous humiliating
She is unique fake
She is loved spoilt
She is a self loving self- centered person
She smokes, drinks and parties like you and others is a slut and a brat
She is hard working lucky
She does not justify when we confront her, because she knows you won’t trust her she is guilty

Is everything that glitters is gold ? .
Not everyone with a bad reputation is actually bad.
So you still think she is really nasty, aloof, antagonistic, callous, rude ? .

-People with bad reputations have the best stories to tell

Ignore all hatred and criticism
Live for what you create
and Die protecting it
-Lady Gaga


Unique is “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”
Why does everyone wanna be unique?….. Because it is rare, special, distinctive, makes you stand out
But little do we know that we have hyped uniqueness so much that everyone aims to be unique
Doesn’t that make unique very common?
Doesn’t that make us all the same?
the only reason we wanted it was because it was extraordinary and uncommon but we have just made it ordinary, common and usual.
There’s nothing wrong with being normal, ordinary and imperfect
So lets start to aim for being normal and who we are and see how unique that makes us!


– ordinary is so unique these days.












Sunshine Bloggers Award

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you nemoincucina for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. 


Go check them at

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who named you and provide a link to their blog sites.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Name 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  4. Inform candidates about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  5. List the rules and show the sun blogger award logo on your site or post.

My Answers

1.What prompted you to open a blog?
So this happened some months back when a friend of mine who is also the editor of this blog read some of the letters from my dairy and suggested me I should write and seeing her trust in me and my writing I thought I should give it a try.

2. Are you satisfied with your life until today?
Yes, because cribbing does not make it better either. So i believe we should stay happy with who we are and what we have.

3.What was the moment that up to now represents you the most?
All my moments that I share with my dad, they represent me the most.

4.Which song do you describe more?
Born this way by Lady Gaga

5.If you were a poem, what would you be?
Water by Rupi Kaur 

6.Have you ever created a dish that looks good but tastes doubtful?
Yes, I once tried making a chocolate mousse and it was a complete failure in terms of taste

7.Do you often experience in life or are you a traditionalist?
I think I am somewhere between 

8.Sweet, Salty or Both?

9.Which cake can you send to ecstasy?
Nutella Chesse Cake

10.Evening with friends, semi-empty fridge, what do you invent?
Evening with friends, semi-empty fridge and we will make the best use of the contents in the semi- empty fridge

11.How do you see yourself in 1 year?
Just a little more grown up version of myself and HAPPY as ever 


The bloggers I would like to nominate for the sunshine bloggers award are:


My Questions:

  1. Who or what inspired you to start your blog?
  2. Which song describes you the best?
  3. What makes you makes you the most happy?
  4. A memory which keeps on playing in the back of your mind when you are low or sad?
  5. Favourite place for a vacation?
  6. Your idea of a perfect Sunday?
  7. Your favourite book?
  8. What is your definition of happiness or a thing that defines happiness for you?
  9. If you could change something in this world what would it be?
  10.  What gives you immense comfort?
  11. Any fictional character you would wanna become?

Because Jealousy is Inspiration’s evil twin sister.

Her accomplishments are not your failures (Rupi Kaur)

Dear you,
Is she doing beautifully in her life?
What am I lacking?
Is this because she has a powerful name?
My accomplishments are nothing compared to hers?
Don’t bother yourself of what other people are doing, they might be doing the best work, maybe better than you but this does not make your work any less good. Don’t think that this is a race against them and they winning means that you are losing.
The concept of limited seats and places exists in universities not life, everyone has one place for them which is what they are born for and nobody can take that away from you. But to get at that place you deserve and desire, you gotta work hard, take their accomplishments as an inspiration and make a good use of it in your life.
There is no concept of ONE BEST, if you think he is Iron MAN you always have a scope of becoming Captain America
Can anyone tell you who is better than the other?

Beat the old you, learn and grow everyday
Because at the end this race is just against the old you and not them!

Don’t waste your time on Jealousy
Sometimes you’re ahead 
Sometimes you’ re behind 
The race is long 
And in the end, 
it’s only with yourself
-Baz Luhrmann



Dear society,

A man is “a male human being ”
so what makes you feel that a man is the one who is strong, does not feel pain, needs to be macho, who leads, a person who fights for women, opens the door, slides a chair, earns more, needs to be aggressive, does not wear pink, cannot be vulnerable, empathetic, sensitive, does not shed tears……

and if any man begs to differ from your definition you call him pansy or effeminate
A man is someone who can be anyone and anything he wants to be.
At times when things go wrong it is already very tough for them (men)
don’t make it tougher by depriving them from their right to shed tears or express what they feel
toughest to fight the guilt of shedding tears later, only because you failed to understand their pain.

the only person who does not feel the pain is the dead
so the next time you say i don’t feel any pain because i am a man you better check if you are alive in the first place.

When hospital becomes a place of worship

A hospital becomes a place of worship when someone you love is there on the hospital bed

every chair in that hospital becomes a prayer carpet
every wall becomes your god’s idol
every person walking with compassion in their eyes becomes a pilgrim
every bouquet becomes an offering
every GET WELL SOON becomes a religious verse/ sacred utterance/ mantra
every nurse becomes a priest
every doctor becomes the messenger of god
every medical equipment becomes sacred
every festival starts after the discharge

Where the languages, gods and rituals change but the prayer remains the same
Where the religion does not matter because the faith takes over every difference and every one stands on the same ground as one community.

Happy Halloween



As I walk pass the streets, I see people making preparations, buying new decorations,  deciding the dresses, planning parties, buying candies and preparing for Halloween. As we celebrate Halloween, “dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed” I see them dressing their kids for a fancy dress as witches, ghosts, souls of dead and other supernatural beings which made me wonderrrrr………………
When we are so open about these supernatural beings what stops us from talking about our inner demons like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, eating disorder, jealousy, etc?

Why can’t we celebrate the inner demons just as gracefully and not call them a taboo? Why cant we give them equal importance?
Why can’t we accept them and call them real?
Why can’t we offer help to the ones suffering from these demons like we offer treats?

you scare me more than what Annabelle ever did,
you make me cry more than what The Nun ever did,
you are a bigger curse than that of Chucky’s,
And like every horror movie only one person can see you (me)
When I try telling others about you they do not believe you exist
and tell me its all in my head,
I know they will believe me only when it’s too late
when they see you
Now I have seen enough horror stories to find a way to fight you,
but none of those creatures are like you
because they attack only when they re alone or at night,
But this does don’t break me
Because I am the protagonist of my story and
I know soon I will fight them all

The ghost in my head: Depression




A comment is defined as “a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction

A word that sounds so simple but is powerful enough to leave scars forever on somebody’s mind, if made in a harsh way it could make people lose their lives, it can result into eve teasing, catcalling and what not
the same comment when used in a positive manner could give someone a reason to live, could make somebody’s day, could make someone stay longer, could make relations better, could stop wars, could help someone heal, could make someone feel complete.
There are times when while choosing words for these comments we make a mistake and it affects the person negatively.
I wish we were as picky at choosing words as we are at choosing filters.

-Not every “haha” is happy