IMG-20190505-WA0028.jpgA boat is meant to sail
anchors don’t keep her happy,
they do keep her safe, but then
there is always a time when they need to let go of her
it hurts, but you know what it is like watching someone you love happy?
That right there is happiness
and you know what happens if the anchors are never let gone
and she never sails?
she will rust in a corner and that my friend is not the meaning of keeping her safe!
Maybe you think she is not ready but is it really her not ready for a sail
or is it you not ready to let her go?
She has sailed this far and found her way to you, she will find her way again
You just need to let go of her
Because the truth is she must sail (with or without your consent!)

Life gives us the chances,
you will find new boats ,
and when they come to you, embrace them
but don’t compare them to her
because they are not her,
they don’t need to be her

She can always be your favourite
but accept other boats as well
because you never know what time has for you
and you never know, if she might come to you again
and this extra moment which you might get without any expectations of having it,
will be special, you will want it!
But you see you will not need it!

So let the boat sail
and find its way through the waves
It will make its destiny like every other boat out there
and that journey what she makes in the waves of freedom
will always remind her of your love and care

-Only know you love her when you let her go!

Camera, Filters, Upload!

Welcome to the theatre of social media

Where we play the roles of a director, writer, protagonist……
of the movies we call stories 

Where we have learnt to fool people
by showing them the evens
like the odds don’t exist
the good
like the bad does not exist

Where you have gotten them to believe that
quintessential life is one that is lived large and extra ordinarily

Where you have used the filters to hide you insecurities
while spreading them to your audience

Haven’t these stories made it easier for the world to know
Who is your partner (BAE as they call it!)
Because as a director of the movie you get the right to choose
“Who will I declare as my love, friend, enemy and acquaintances”
Also giving you the opportunity to decide for how many episodes
will they last

Because like the attendance sheet of college
you need to be present and active here
Or else they might forget
YOU EXIST (And Yes, they will judge you!)

Also the rule is to give more importance to  the publicity of love and affection,
fear and hesitation,
Because how will anyone ever know what you feel
Until you publicly acclaim it

Where these theatres have also performed the work of courts
Not as the court of justice but of incomplete and meddled knowledge
But this hasn’t stoped them from passing strict judgements 
over serious issues and disasters while sitting at home and sipping some cola

And don’t you think they do not have the pressure of how will this movie perform
Because they swell their fingers by tapping on insights to check the no. of views,
no. of likes, etc

Thus, today there is no need to go to a theatre for a movie
There are just too many playing around you
With no show time restriction, no torrents required

Like every other movie how smartly have we edited
the behind the scenes and
only shown the parts that were necessary
For people to see how good is your life
and moral of the movie;

making them feel insecure and comparing to others

Now since we have all that is required for a movie
Lets us also have an honest disclaimer.


-Isn’t it tiring playing all the roles alone?

It’s Just a phase, isn’t it?

There will always be a time when things aren’t right
People don’t count on you
They think your time is over
or Maybe it’s not your thing

Amidst all this,
People stop expecting from you
People also call it the doom

But It should rather be called the NO BURDEN PHASE
Because people have no expectations from you
there’s no performance pressure
You can silently work and be the underdog
while others try to get rid of the burden of expectations (that’s on them now).

It’s your time to work harder and laze around
Think more, brainstorm and prepare yourself
to give your best shot at your opportunity, conquer it
and come again under people’s expectations
yet again to become a part of their scrutiny list
to step in the burden phase again
So somebody else could get a chance to be in the NO BURDEN PHASE.

The expectations seem very attractive at the start when it gets you all the attention
But with time it gets heavier, so
Do not let people’s expectations stop you
They are like fake friends, they come and go with good times
Don’t let them bother you

-It’s just a phase cycle

And your VISA is rejected !

Heard of many fears while growing up
but never thought I’ll have to be afraid of myself
Who I am
What I think
What I wanna be

Who I wanna be with

Because I know they won’t like me this way

And somewhere THEIR acceptance and approval is so important to us

THEIR acceptance is my visa for a happy life
and my soul is the passport where they keep imprinting my mistakes

Because if they won’t accept me…………
What if they won’t accept you?
You could do all that they please being paranoid by the fact that “what if they don’t like me!”,
but ever wondered
We are here for a very little time and tomorrow isn’t promised
We’ll soon be gone
and you can’t take these mistakes, embarrassments, with you
so let us fight our fear

this fear of not being accepted

And if you think you will look stupid and they would laugh
be happy about being somebody’s reason to laugh (life is about perspective)

Maybe you could laugh at yourself too

Mistakes that we make aren’t just lessons
They are the jokes (tragic ones though) still JOKES

You could either laugh on them with everyone else


Just crib over every other thing

You could cry and do every other thing they want and expect you to do and
make your life miserable


Just do what you want to do and don’t give a damn about “their” opinions

Because the importance of their opinions in your life is just as much as the importance of the GOOD MORNING forwards on family WhatsApp groups to you!!

So live free and let others think whatever they wish to

-Reject this visa
and make a new passport

Women’s Day!

Why do we need to respect women?
Housewives or the working ones?
Even if they work they do it for themselves so what is so great about it?
Why do they have special women’s day and week?

Dear Society,
If there are any such questions in your mind, let me tell you that now
Women aren’t demanding anything special just some basic rights
Rights that include
The Right over her own body
The Right of having a consent
The Right of being free of public scrutiny for crimes she hasn’t committed
The Right of moving on from her past
The Right of keeping herself above anyone else
The Right for taking her own decisions
The Right to not carrying other people’s guilt
The Right of not having to always make tough choices
The Right to prove her worth after being born and not being sentenced to death in the womb
The Right of having their hard-work being paid in terms of productivity and not gender
The Right of
Is it too much to ask for?

We need to put a stop at such activities
We need to think of women as adult human beings capable of having the authority to take their decisions
We need to stop thinking that a married women loses her right of Saying No to sexual intercourse to her Husband
We need to stop assuming that if a women was raped it was her fault
We need to stop asking women to lower her voices in her life discussions
We need to stop blaming women for the misdeeds of her children
We need to stop
We need to start making letting them take control of their own lives

And then we might not need such days or weeks because they could have the 365 days of a year celebrating all that they want!





Dear Housewife

To the dear lady who is always portrayed to be the one sitting in front of a TV set and being jobless

I am sorry,
that people don’t respect what you do
that your kids ask you the question of what have you done?
That you aren’t their hero and they constantly compare you to their father
They fail to understand your resilience and call you weak
That it took years for people to realise that you are the house maker
That the only place they talk about you is tv series where they show you as a person whose only stress is the perfect pie you cook and the colour of the tablecloth
That even after knowing the kind of hard work you do, you are always portrayed as a lady with pitch-perfect makeup

let me tell you, that you are way more than what they show you to be
Don’t compare yourself to the working women who play your roles on tv, you don’t need to worry about sheets, laundry and your looks


There are always exceptions, aren’t there?
The ones who know your importance
The ones who treat you well
The ones who don’t expect you to be a superhuman
and the ones who accept you as who you are
And this women’s day Let’s not just talk about the women but also the men who understand women in the time of need
Who celebrate Women’s Day every day

– A party is nothing without the special ones





Video Games

Played a video game before?
Former levels being Easy to engage you and the latter ones being tough,
but you are still stuck to it because we love challenges
So is life
it will get burdensome
but you will clear these levels
maybe not right now, after the break but that’s happening for sure
So do not think of quitting it
this game of life cannot be uninstalled
But can be triumphed


I am creek of words which leads to an ocean of emotions
Like water, I can flow through your heart and soul

Remember how you read me back then in school?
in your English classes to write exams
and now when the life examines you
Here you are searching for answers in me again!

I am not girlish (Is that what you think of me?)

I am a manifestation of love
but that’s not all

If only a novel is written on my story would people know
how I was lost in the heaps of heavy novels
but little would they know that I am a lot more than what they define me
a magician for those who believe in magic
a way of protest for a rebel
a song for the musician
a lullaby for a baby
a guide for the lost
a prayer for a devotee
a wave of feelings
the healing for a hurt
and a lot more!

I am a Poem

To find answers to you questions, healing, music, rebel etc check out my page Poem Buffet for a collection of poems @
I post a poem from other writers on every MONDAY and FRIDAY


A letter to all the people I love,
Me too

FOREVER as they call it, I am sorry I won’t be able to promise you this
because I know it is a lie, it has always been and like every other lie, we don’t want to accept it, because this fear is a truth.
I fear to lose you just as much as you fear to lose me
and even if we control all the other storms of circumstances, TIME is something we will have no control over
So what will we do then?

Does this mean we stop loving?
Stop caring?
Stop being attached?

Let us stop overthinking over this
Let us stop counting the number of days we have together
Let us stop promising forever and promise till the time we are together

I will love you,
be honest to you,
choose you over anyone else,
never leave your side,
Till the time we are together 
and that’s a promise 



We could be Heroes

Do we ever look at comedy movies and feel like being a part of it?
But we do wish to be a part of action and
drama movies because
we want to be a hero
we want to fight and conquer our problems
Life gives you problems to hero them



-You are the avenger of your life