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A rebel who tells stories in the form of snippets and poems.

Camera, Filters, Upload!

Welcome to the theatre of social media Where we play the roles of a director, writer, protagonist…… of the movies we call stories  Where we have learnt to fool people by showing them the evens like the odds don’t exist the good like the bad does not exist Where you have gotten them to believe…

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And your VISA is rejected !

Heard of many fears while growing up but never thought I’ll have to be afraid of myself Who I am What I think What I wanna be Who I wanna be with Because I know they won’t like me this way And somewhere THEIR acceptance and approval is so important to us THEIR acceptance is…

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Women’s Day!

Why do we need to respect women? Housewives or the working ones? Even if they work they do it for themselves so what is so great about it? Why do they have special women’s day and week? Dear Society, If there are any such questions in your mind, let me tell you that now Women…

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Dear Housewife

To the dear lady who is always portrayed to be the one sitting in front of a TV set and being jobless I am sorry, that people don’t respect what you do that your kids ask you the question of what have you done? That you aren’t their hero and they constantly compare you to their…

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Video Games

Played a video game before? Former levels being Easy to engage you and the latter ones being tough, but you are still stuck to it because we love challenges So is life it will get burdensome but you will clear these levels maybe not right now, after the break but that’s happening for sure So…

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I am creek of words which leads to an ocean of emotions Like water, I can flow through your heart and soul Remember how you read me back then in school? in your English classes to write exams and now when the life examines you Here you are searching for answers in me again! I…

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A letter to all the people I love, Me too FOREVER as they call it, I am sorry I won’t be able to promise you this because I know it is a lie, it has always been and like every other lie, we don’t want to accept it, because this fear is a truth. I…

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We could be Heros

Do we ever look at comedy movies and feel like being a part of it? No But we do wish to be a part of action and drama movies because we want to be a hero we want to fight and conquer our problems Life gives you problems to hero them HERO IT   -You…

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Happy Lies

Maybe its all a lie Maybe We do not have a right to be happy Maybe Everything that happens does not happen for good Maybe We are made to suffer Maybe Promises are meant to be broken Maybe Hard-work does not always get success Maybe Not everyone is meant to be happy Maybe It could…

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