Why do we need to respect women?
Housewives or the working ones?
Even if they work they do it for themselves so what is so great about it?
Why do they have special women’s day and week?

Dear Society,
If there are any such questions in your mind, let me tell you that now
Women aren’t demanding anything special just some basic rights
Rights that include
The Right over her own body
The Right of having a consent
The Right of being free of public scrutiny for crimes she hasn’t committed
The Right of moving on from her past
The Right of keeping herself above anyone else
The Right for taking her own decisions
The Right to not carrying other people’s guilt
The Right of not having to always make tough choices
The Right to prove her worth after being born and not being sentenced to death in the womb
The Right of having their hard-work being paid in terms of productivity and not gender
The Right of
Is it too much to ask for?

We need to put a stop at such activities
We need to think of women as adult human beings capable of having the authority to take their decisions
We need to stop thinking that a married women loses her right of Saying No to sexual intercourse to her Husband
We need to stop assuming that if a women was raped it was her fault
We need to stop asking women to lower her voices in her life discussions
We need to stop blaming women for the misdeeds of her children
We need to stop
We need to start making letting them take control of their own lives

And then we might not need such days or weeks because they could have the 365 days of a year celebrating all that they want!





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