A letter to all the people I love,
Me too

FOREVER as they call it, I am sorry I won’t be able to promise you this
because I know it is a lie, it has always been and like every other lie, we don’t want to accept it, because this fear is a truth.
I fear to lose you just as much as you fear to lose me
and even if we control all the other storms of circumstances, TIME is something we will have no control over
So what will we do then?

Does this mean we stop loving?
Stop caring?
Stop being attached?

Let us stop overthinking over this
Let us stop counting the number of days we have together
Let us stop promising forever and promise till the time we are together

I will love you,
be honest to you,
choose you over anyone else,
never leave your side,
Till the time we are together 
and that’s a promise 



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