Maybe its all a lie
We do not have a right to be happy
Everything that happens does not happen for good
We are made to suffer
Promises are meant to be broken
Hard-work does not always get success
Not everyone is meant to be happy

It could be the truth

Maybe whatever we have been doing all these years is a sin
But can you really live a life without these lies? (If they are lies)
Don’t these so-called lies build hope, happiness and love
They feel right and do not cause harm to anyone
So what’s the problem in believing in them
Maybe we might end up getting a punishment by a force of nature for all these lies
but that’s not promised either
So what’s the harm in taking a chance?
We’ ll all be dead soon (and that is promised)
So let’s not think of these possibilities and live our life freely
And choose to be happy and do things that make us feel right


-Not all Lies cause harm!

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