They hate you, they dislike you
but still they are obsessed with you,
enough to talk about you all the time

They will be your well wishers when around
but still when you turn around
they start to hate you

They will trust every gossip
they hear about you
but not what you say about yourself

They love to joke
(about you too, secretly)
but when you do, they are always offended

When they take a stand that’s fighting
for their right
but you doing renames you to be

They have the right to hate
your mere existence
but you are not allowed to dislike
a thing about them

They have catcalled you
enough to now
forget what your real name is?

When they see you doing good
to someone, it would be hard to believe for them
and they’ll just forget it like that never happened
but thats not the same when making a mistake, right?

-Dear hater, Isn’t this an example of current impartiality you do?

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