How do you feel when people disrespect your art, your creativity, your work?
Nasty? Rude?
you start hating them
why do you hate them?
because they didn’t respect the amount of hard work, creativity, effort you have put in your work,
because they fail to understand the concept and then blame you for that,
isn’t that annoying?
so think how nature feels when you criticise this world, other human beings
After all aren’t we all creations of nature

Therefore stop criticising other people, their works, their lives because it hurts
There could be times when you are at mistake or maybe you are the one not understanding

do not blame others for that!

You work really hard to grow everyday
to make a change
to become better
to survive in this world
Its not that easy So dont be hard on yourself

Start appreciating even a little change in yourself or a little hard work from others
because you never know what circumstances they were facing while taking that little, baby step

– Not everyone understands art

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