Her accomplishments are not your failures (Rupi Kaur)

Dear you,
Is she doing beautifully in her life?
What am I lacking?
Is this because she has a powerful name?
My accomplishments are nothing compared to hers?
Don’t bother yourself of what other people are doing, they might be doing the best work, maybe better than you but this does not make your work any less good. Don’t think that this is a race against them and they winning means that you are losing.
The concept of limited seats and places exists in universities not life, everyone has one place for them which is what they are born for and nobody can take that away from you. But to get at that place you deserve and desire, you gotta work hard, take their accomplishments as an inspiration and make a good use of it in your life.
There is no concept of ONE BEST, if you think he is Iron MAN you always have a scope of becoming Captain America
Can anyone tell you who is better than the other?

Beat the old you, learn and grow everyday
Because at the end this race is just against the old you and not them!

Don’t waste your time on Jealousy
Sometimes you’re ahead 
Sometimes you’ re behind 
The race is long 
And in the end, 
it’s only with yourself
-Baz Luhrmann


8 thoughts on “Because Jealousy is Inspiration’s evil twin sister.

  1. It is hard to not compare oneself to others, but this post reminds me why I must try my hardest to compete with myself and not my peers. Love the way you opened and closed the post with quotes!

    Liked by 1 person

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