A hospital becomes a place of worship when someone you love is there on the hospital bed

every chair in that hospital becomes a prayer carpet
every wall becomes your god’s idol
every person walking with compassion in their eyes becomes a pilgrim
every bouquet becomes an offering
every GET WELL SOON becomes a religious verse/ sacred utterance/ mantra
every nurse becomes a priest
every doctor becomes the messenger of god
every medical equipment becomes sacred
every festival starts after the discharge

Where the languages, gods and rituals change but the prayer remains the same
Where the religion does not matter because the faith takes over every difference and every one stands on the same ground as one community.


10 thoughts on “When hospital becomes a place of worship

      1. It is true. It makes me sad though that the approach of death is what it takes for people to get over themselves and actually come together.

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  1. You know, I don’t see that so often in romanian hospitals, and I think a prayer place is required. Not only you can rest your mind but also your soul, and let’s face it, when doctors can’t do anything… there is a place for prayers.

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