As I walk pass the streets, I see people making preparations, buying new decorations,  deciding the dresses, planning parties, buying candies and preparing for Halloween. As we celebrate Halloween, “dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed” I see them dressing their kids for a fancy dress as witches, ghosts, souls of dead and other supernatural beings which made me wonderrrrr………………
When we are so open about these supernatural beings what stops us from talking about our inner demons like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, eating disorder, jealousy, etc?

Why can’t we celebrate the inner demons just as gracefully and not call them a taboo? Why cant we give them equal importance?
Why can’t we accept them and call them real?
Why can’t we offer help to the ones suffering from these demons like we offer treats?

you scare me more than what Annabelle ever did,
you make me cry more than what The Nun ever did,
you are a bigger curse than that of Chucky’s,
And like every horror movie only one person can see you (me)
When I try telling others about you they do not believe you exist
and tell me its all in my head,
I know they will believe me only when it’s too late
when they see you
Now I have seen enough horror stories to find a way to fight you,
but none of those creatures are like you
because they attack only when they re alone or at night,
But this does don’t break me
Because I am the protagonist of my story and
I know soon I will fight them all

The ghost in my head: Depression



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