On the dinner table
I saw everyone ordering different cuisines for themselves
which made me wonder
what if the world accepted our other choices like of loving someone of our own gender, someone with an age gap,
someone of another religion,
someone completely different from us
just as easily they accepted our food choices
but little did I know about the hobby they had
of opposing other’s choices
Which made me think Ain’t this weird that we need to fight for peoples’ acceptance for things they have nothing to do with?
Ain’t this weird that we need peoples’ acceptance for expressing love to someone?
Ain’t this weird that we need peoples’ acceptance for who our partner should be?

What I do not understand is how can people be angry on me for a decision I made for myself? How can they even after seeing who I am ignore that part of me? How my act of love can make them hate me when it has got nothing to do with their lives? How they do not mind if I beg to differ on a table but when it is about my life partner they get affected?

Because of which
When i told them i couldn’t breathe and it was suffocating they told me that i was wrong because suffocation was the state or process of dying from being deprived of air or unable to breathe.

But I couldn’t stop thinking as to What about dying inside from not being able to share what u feel?
What about being breathless in a place full of air?
Because you know you will never be accepted,
Because you know after this you will never be loved as before,
Because you know how much ever you try to explain they will always find a reason to hate you.

–  Is that not suffocating?

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