Three girls by Amrita Sher-Gill

I was always told to check in the dictionary for meaning of words I never understood and therefore I did when I wanted to check what exactly a woman means;

“an adult human female” so why do people always keep saying that a woman is a person who makes sacrifices, who is simple, who is decent, who has no right to speak up or object, who is gullible, who needs to be protected, who is as resilient as water, who is not supposed to take decisions……….
to which I wonder is my dictionary wrong or am I on the wrong page?

17 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Something I tend to say is that there are facts and then there is truth. Facts are observable and repeatable and cannot be denied. Those are the definitions that dictionaries apply. Yet it does not represent the “truth” of experience and humanity’s ability to comprehend and understand and relate abstractions to projections.

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  2. I am a 77-year-young woman of the senior persuasion, so I have lived through a lot of issues related to women and our rights in my lifetime, plus I love history and I have loved reading about the different times and women’s roles in those times. It is interesting that in the times when women have held the most power politically, etc., those are the times when women as a whole have been treated the worst. Most men had concubines and even multiple wives in many societies.

    I don’t wish to get into a political free-for-all, but these times when women are beginning to file suits for misconduct (and don’t get me wrong – I am for it all), it saddens me that only the women going after celebrities of one kind or another are having legal representation and people supporting them. Do you know how many everyday women, women of color and other nationalities and American Indian women, to say nothing of women with physical/emotional/developmental challenges are assaulted, tortured, and even murdered every single day? Who speaks for these women? Does Gloria Alred (and I have met her in person many, many years ago when she was getting started) ever go to bat for such women, or does anyone? No, and it is not likely to happen. Only those who can afford a good attorney, or those who can manage to get noticed for their issues, and that never seems to happen.

    We ALL need to have equal rights with regard to protection and respect for who we are as human beings. It is almost too bad that we cannot get away from the gender issue altogether and all be recognized equally.

    I live in Southern California, and in my area, more female teachers are involved with the assault or being in relationship with students who are sometimes less than half their ages. So things happen on both sides, and I am uncertain of the causes.

    I will say that I have a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in law, and I earned it when I was 74, despite having breast cancer the year I graduated. I was set to become a mentor/advocate for juvenile delinquents, but due to my age and the cancer, I could not take a position in that (it can be dangerous work at times). So I have studied women’s rights and lots of things related to the laws for years. That doesn’t make me an expert, but perhaps helps to understand where I am coming from. I lived in the world before the women’s rights movement in I think the 70’s if I remember correctly, so I have been through a lot of harassment, sexual advances, etc. in my lifetime, and also a lot of bullying by coworkers, largely led by men who were jealous of my positions. In reality, I was not any different than anyone else; I earned my positions of leadership because I worked hard and I had been in this world for a long time. In such cases, you cannot help but learn more than some others because you have studied so much longer, and you do gain wisdom about the way things work in this old world.

    Anyway, these are some of the issues I see. There ARE more women today who have higher positions, and women are beginning to speak up about their rights, but we need for ALL women, regardless of their standing in the world, their cultures, etc. to speak up too. So one of the tasks we have before us is to educate such women that they too have rights and personalities that are wonderful, and to encourage them to take a stand in this world. Thank you one and all, Anne

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