You classified and segregated us in types like:

1 the obedient ones:
who no matter what, would never raise her voice against you, the gullible ones

2 the pampered ones:
the ones who expect the same kind of love from her in-laws like her parents

3 the spoilt ones:
the ones who love the self love stories, who love their mind, body, opinion before anyone else’s

4 the slutty ones
the ones who think they have the same freedom as boys do, the ones who are not stopped by night for anything they wanna do

5 the kind ones:
the ones who you can easily be convinced or forced to sacrifice anything even if it is their dream

6 the bizarre ones:
the ones who think age is just a number and who think aging is a concept just for the body not their heart or mind (I LOVE THEM THE MOST – THE TIMELESS BEAUTIES)

7 the pretty ones:
the fair, thin, classy, wears pink and does not apply make up, does not wear glasses ones

8 the intelligent ones:
the ones who can handle all the house work and still perform well in academics and excel at their hobbies too (WHO CARES)

9 the beauty with brains:

10 fake ones:
the ones who apply a lot of make up, the ones who think getting ready without occasions and being over dressed is just okay and a matter of their choice
but little did you know we weren’t old house scrap to be kept in boxes and wrapped .We were all books, while some had musical love stories in them, other had hardcore murder mysteries and you will never know when the OBEDIENT ONES would be done with the silent planning and start executing everything they planned these years, the PAMPERED ONES would accept the difference between parents and in-laws which you showed her and now she does not crave pampering from others, the SPOILT ONES would fall in love again with their own self and this time it will be stronger and forever, SLUTTY ONES would list down all weakness of these patriarchs while she hangouts with them, KIND ONES would again sacrifice but this time it will be with their consent and for them for the first time, BIZARRE ONES would use all their experience they got while aging, the PRETTY ONES whom you made to wear pink in order to be a girl would change their colour to red just like blood, INTELLIGENT ONES would collect all the tools like protractors and knives which she used while excelling at studies and housework and find another hobby this time which they won’t give up for you, BEAUTY WITH BRAIN ONES will show you they come for real and the FAKE ONES would start applying make up but this time not for a class or party but your funeral and then finally they come together to return you all the hatred coated in love which you gave her when she didn’t say a word.


–  Even in my most silent days I am a disaster about to occur

21 thoughts on “To everyone who categorised us.

    1. Hi Eyenoor, None of us are wizards, and cannot tell you how someone will like your articles or poetry, but that does not mean you should not try. Write them and then see how things go. Either way, you will learn a lot more from doing than never trying. If you feel good about your own writing, chances are that someone else will too. Always write from your true feelings and your heart, and you will likely do just fine.

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    1. I think it depends on the labels, Jonathan. And Libel is a tricky issue, especially if it happens any distance from where you are located; it can be a very difficult thing to prove, unless you have witnesses who are willing to come speak for you and it has to have hurt your business endeavors, be it as a writer, etc. That is a difficult issue in any event. How can say that your business endeavors not doing as well as . . . What would you choose? Another writer? A different kind of business? It would need to be the same business. So people can threaten libel any time, but bringing it to court and winning requires a lot more than we think. Also, the same thing is true of copyright issues. When we think of law, we think that all issues can be resolved if we have right on our side, but the burden of proof is on us. Unless we have willing and reliable witnesses and can show just cause, we will not win. I speak from experience within the courts. Thank you kindly for bringing this up. Good issue.

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      1. Not a problem! I’ve scheduled it to be released in a couple of hours from now though. Okie dokie? Just in case you look on my page and are like “wtf where is it?!” lol

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