Love or Magic?

“Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an art. And like any art, it takes not only inspiration but also a lot of work” -Paulo Coelho  Nobody said that loving was easy, but do we have a choice? At times we can’t stop ourselves from falling for people, and once we have fallen for them, the…

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Circle of love

I remember the time my Nani used to tie my hair while getting me ready for school and I used to tell her stories of my class and today as I comb her hair because her feeble hands cant anymore and now she tells me her stories  

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Beginning of a new End

We are mortals, we die, so do our stories and the ones we loved. It is inevitable, but we still fall for the lie of forever or at least we make ourselves believe- ‘Yes, That day will come one day But it ain’t today!’ Are we really sure? “Everything that has begun must end!” It…

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  A boat is meant to sail anchors don’t keep her happy, they do keep her safe, but then there is always a time when they need to let go of her it hurts, but you know what it is like watching someone you love happy? That right there is happiness and you know what…

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Camera, Filters, Upload!

Welcome to the theatre of social media Where we play the roles of a director, writer, protagonist…… of the movies we call stories  Where we have learnt to fool people by showing them the evens like the odds don’t exist the good like the bad does not exist Where you have gotten them to believe…

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And your VISA is rejected !

Heard of many fears while growing up but never thought I’ll have to be afraid of myself Who I am What I think What I wanna be Who I wanna be with Because I know they won’t like me this way And somewhere THEIR acceptance and approval is so important to us THEIR acceptance is…

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Women’s Day!

Why do we need to respect women? Housewives or the working ones? Even if they work they do it for themselves so what is so great about it? Why do they have special women’s day and week? Dear Society, If there are any such questions in your mind, let me tell you that now Women…

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Dear Housewife

To the dear lady who is always portrayed to be the one sitting in front of a TV set and being jobless I am sorry, that people don’t respect what you do that your kids ask you the question of what have you done? That you aren’t their hero and they constantly compare you to their…

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